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Etizolam/PG Solution (150MG/15ML)



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C17H15ClN4S/C3H8O2 50MG/5ML SOLUTE/SOLVENT SOLUTION. (Common names:  50MG Etizolam/ 5mL Propylene Glycol Solution)

Please EXERCISE extreme caution handling this compound solution.  You must abide by the legal contract you entered when agreeing to our Terms of Service and Policies when entering ENCERN. You are required to exercise safe destruction of all compounds sold by ENCERN.

13 reviews for Etizolam/PG Solution (150MG/15ML)

  1. lilac (verified owner)

    I am glad I decided to save 20 dollars on my second purchase with a larger bottle. This is a very good deal for the quality and I like having the larger bottle anyway. It landed today and order number 2 was great.

  2. ladybluefair (verified owner)

    i rolled the dice and split our bitcoin gambling wins and this showed up 3 days after we ordered it accross the country. The labels were clear and for a first purchase the packing to product quality earns a solid 5.

  3. tif22722 (verified owner)

    My postman hid the parcel and it was not Encern’s fault. When I called the branch and they contacted the driver, he informed them of where he his the parcel and I didn’t bother checking the note. I am sorry for 1 star, I was just very upset. I have changed it.

  4. Cottrelldr (verified owner)


  5. Cottrelldr (verified owner)

    Once again I recieved top fucking quality ETI for research…This order was overfilled and I Really appreciate the top quality of this conpany…cannot say enough. The fact that it is domestic is even more amazing. THANK YOU ENCERN AGAIAN. My new/only vendor for real.

  6. Anthony (verified owner)

    Order promptly recieved from other side of the country. This is the most legitimate product I’ve seen seen the glory days (2012-2014). arrived in glass bottle and oral syringe. No bullshit, potency on point. Don’t you dare order from any of these other scam artists out there. Encern is the ONLY legitimate option for you. You won’t be let down. Best research chem connect available right now hands down. Thanks Encern.

  7. Ryan (verified owner)

    I have ordered this liquid etizolam for research several times and it is amazing you will never be disappointed encern is the best out there I will never order from another website as long as this one is around the products are pure and priced Right the customer service is great and you get your package in two to 3 days no bullshit no scams and all legit pure products for researching never stop doing what your doing encern! You the best in the RC game and i give you so much respect, also these guys are usually stocked up and when they run out they get more soon and you will probably have other options to choose from today was the first day I seen them out of everything. ENCERN IS THE BEST!!!!!

  8. rcativ (verified owner)

    This is such a great product. I know you can find cheaper deals elsewhere, but these guys are legit, fast, and potent. They know what they are doing and they do it well. They will be my vendor for as long as I order! Thanks ENCERN 🙂

  9. Dolophine90mg (verified owner)

    Encern has always fulfilled any of my orders promptly as well as the fact that that quality of the product definitely sets the bar. Tony and everyone else work hard, are always responsive to emails in a timely matter and most important of all, these guys are here to help, not to just make money off of people that don’t have much.

  10. Masdix221 (verified owner)

    Encern has consistently provided our GC/MS research and calibration lab division with the highest quality products for over 1 year now. They are extremely professional and always ship orders on time and well packaged. In the year+ since we made our supplier exclusively Encern, we’ve only had 2 order errors where we received slightly less of a product than ordered. After notifying them of the error, they promptly responded and corrected it by sending the missing quantity plus some to make up for the minor error. Outstanding customer service and consistent quality products is why Encern is our lab’s vendor of choice and will continue to be in the future. We highly recommend Encern to any lab conducting this type of research.

  11. graymond87 (verified owner)

    Glad to be a customer since they first started up. I don’t know how I found them but I did and I was convinced the first time ordering that they are a legitimate domestic vendor. These guys are beyond professional and I have not once had a slip up with an order from them. It’s simple format is great. From beginning (shopping selection’s) to the end (wallet to wallet transaction) is so easy my grandmother could figure it out. Customer service and etizolam efficiency is the only reason I only submit to one vendor. Why would you risk going somewhere else when you can get it here without any worries. Seems pretty self-explanatory to me. I truly feel bad for the newer researchers that missed the cut off and have to settle for overseas or other vendors (I will not mention any names). Thank you ENCERN! Just keep on being you and you will remain the best well hidden gem on the clearnet.

  12. Ryan (verified owner)

    Only reason I’m giving them four stars now instead of five like I used to is it because of the price I have been with these guys for coming up on 2 years now and I’ve watched the price of this product go up 2 times. I hope it doesn’t go up in price anymore because there are other vendors out there with cheaper products that are legit but they’re not quite like encern. The other vendors are either overseas or make it hard as hell to check out or scam you. Encern makes it easy to buy the products These guys are pros this website has the easiest check out available for cryptocurrency I ever experienced you don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops then go through a different website to send your coins like some other vendors you just send your BTC or LTC From your preferred account I recommend coinbase And 30 minutes later they will start processing your order if you put your order in before 9 AM (11am my area) They will ship it out that day I have never received a late package from them. Every time it’s always been three days or less and I live across the country from them. They send you your tracking info and they have an amazing customer support email system . If you plan on purchasing from them more than once make an account. Thanks encern keep it up you guys are great

  13. poolboyq (verified owner)

    Encern earns my respect, on any product!

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